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What is a Currawong?


Thanks wink for the video.


Who am I?

  • Most importantly, I am a member, like everyone else. I'm involved in the hobby because I enjoy it and the people involved.
  • Secondly, like many other members I write reviews products I own or have borrowed. I often get asked by members if I can review products -- more often than manufacturers ask me actually!
  • Thirdly, I moderate the forums. That means I do my best, along with the other moderators, to keep everything safe and enjoyable for everyone. To clarify a common misconception, I do not get paid to moderate.
  • I also write rules and guides with an aim to get everyone understands what the site is about, what is expected by the community and how to find the information they want.
  • I have no involvement with the financial management of the site, sponsors or the technical management (the "back end"). All of that is handled by Wikia. I couldn't even tell you, with certainty, who is a sponsor of the site!


☯ @Currawong ☯ flickr ☯ Youtube ☯ currawong.me 



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