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Welcome to the FiiO forum!


Please contact FiiO directly to receive prompt attention regarding any problem with your FiiO product.



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Up-to-date X5 3nd gen firmware (stable)

Up-to-date X7 firmware (stable) (beta)

Up-to-date X1 2nd gen firmware (stable)

Up-to-date X5 2nd gen firmware (stable) (beta)

Up-to-date X3 2nd gen firmware (stable) (beta)(custom)

Up-to-date X1 firmware (stable) (beta) (custom)

Up-to-date M3 firmware (stable) 

Up-to-date X5 1st gen firmware (stable) (beta) (custom)

Up-to-date X3 1st gen firmware

X7&Modules world tour impressions

X5 preview world tour impressions

X3 2nd gen preview world tour impressions

X1 preview world tour impressions


Official product discussion threads:

Upcoming products--

 Q5 i3 The future of FiiO's AMP&DAC


Present products--

X1(2nd gen) X3(2nd gen) X5(3rd gen) X7 M3 A1 E10K A3/E11K  E18 Q1 K1 K5 EM3 


Legacy products--

X1 X3(1st gen) X5(1st gen) X5(2nd gen) E12 E12A E17 HS2 


Official product review pages:

X7 X5(3rd gen) X5(2nd gen) X5 X3(2nd gen) X3(1st gen) X1(2nd gen) X1 M3 K1 K5 Q1 A1 E10K A3 E12 E12A E17 E18 EM3 EX1 RM1


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