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Headphone Power Calculator Spreadsheet

Here's a Headphone Power Calculator spreadsheet: You input your headphones' impedance and sensitivity (in either dB milliwatt or dB volt and it calculates the other sensitivity value). It also calculates the power and current at 1 volt rms. Input a target loudness and it'll give you the power, voltage and current required to get there using your headphones. You can also input an amplifier's Vrms rating and it'll give you the max headphone loudness and the power required to get there.   I hope you find this spreadsheet useful.   Rob Robinette   P.S. I just... read more

Headphone-to-Speaker-Amp Interface With Switched XLR + 1/4" TRS + 1/8" TRS

The Robinette Box   Front panel features balanced 4-Pin XLR, 1/4" & 1/8" single-ended headphone jacks, 'Amp Mode Switch' and optional oscilloscope out BNC connectors.   The Robinette Box© is a headphone to speaker amplifier interface box which will connect just about any headphone with any amp (tube, solid state, balanced, single-ended). It's designed to electromagically match your headphones to a speaker amplifier's speaker output. Jump down to the Instructionsto see how the box operates.    The Robinette Box is open source... read more

Headphone Resistor Network Calculator

I have created a JavaScript webpage calculator and Excel spreadsheet that will help you optimize a headphone resistor network interface for your headphones and your speaker amplifier.  Instructions A headphone resistor network interface helps to electrically match a pair of headphones to a speaker amplifier's speaker terminals. The resistor network used on this page is the most commonly recommended headphone-to-speaker-amp resistor network interface. 1. Input your Headphone's Impedance rating, your Amplifier's Speaker Load rating (usually 4 or 8 ohms) and the Amp's... read more

Senheiser HD 429 Bass Mod (*repost and redo )

  • by samu

I brought this over ear headphones around 3 months ago. This Senheiser HD 429 bundled at exactly IDR 800.000 or around $80-$82, a mid class headphones that I buy because of curiosity and I’ve been longing for over ear headphones around that budget as well.   I am quite comfort with the sound quality actually, but I need a little bit power in it’s bass. Recently I’ve found article in the forum that it is possible to do a bit modification to the bass. So, I did just now. I got an extra punchy bass, together with that I also notice some more emerging details in the... read more

Sennheiser 449 Mod Possibly 4 8 Mod

Not satisfied with your Sennheiser 449 ? Read this, Sennheiser 449 mod, boost your headphone - The best mod, granted! Hello folks, its been a couple months since ive done this mod. Last year i bought the sennheiser 449 over the internet without giving it a try. I thought.. well its sennheiser its good.. and it is (now with my mod). However it wasnt that good when i bought it. The lows and mids where fine (very good in fact). The main problem was the bass. It wasnt enough.. i could feel there was bass, but it felt trapped somehow. So i began researching for some... read more

DIY Cable Info and Resources

The DIY forum sees a lot of the same questions repeated frequently. This article is meant to consolidate and table some of the information people can use.   (You can edit this article or PM me with recommendations, corrections, suggestions, or questions. Just keep in mind that I'm a cable-builder newbie, myself, so I probably won't be able to provide technical support or make detailed equipment recommendations. -- ardgedee)   Intro Connectors Wires Tools Resources Connectors Things I could use help with for this section: Wiring information about... read more

Fostex T50RP modification summary LINKS - wiki

    Here is to be collected links to the most instructive posts on how to modify the Fostex T50RP, mostly from this thread: Just listened to some Fostex T50RPs today... WOW! http://www.head-fi.org/t/452404/just-listened-to-some-fostex-t50rps-today-wow   This is not for "Thunderpants" - only modifications keeping the standard cups     ***************************************************************************************************************************** BMF:   BMF is bluemonkeyflyer's mods.   BMF's Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements... read more

Sennheiser Hd4 8 Modding For Newbies

So why did I create this thread? I recently mustered the guts to open up my HD438s to do some modifying, so yes I'm fairly new to modifying. I suppose this guide could help other newbies too. The methods in this thread have been covered in several other threads, but there was no thread dedicated to the modding of Sennheiser HD4*8 models so I thought I'd share.   The internals of the HD418, HD428, HD438 and HD448 are very similar, so I believe these mods will apply to all four headphones. Be extra careful with the wires and the drivers. You do not want to... read more

Grado Pad Choices And Mods

This Article discusses the differences between the various Grado pads available, as well as some of the more popular tweaks of these pads.   There are 5 main off-the-shelf pads for the Grado's/Alessandro's headphones:   S-cush "Comfie" Pads L-Cush "Bowl" Pads "Flat" Pads Sennheiser 414 Pads G-Cush "Jumbo" pads     S-Cush Pads: nicknamed comfies, true to their name, very comfortable, standard on the 60i, 80i and 125i and MS1. These pads allow for an increase in bass, but sacrifice clarity,openness, realism, and some... read more

Grado Modification Overview

This Wiki page will provide links and other pertinent info for all the Grado/Alessandro mods discussed in the SR60-Mod, the SR60 Mod II and the Post Your Grado Mods threads.   The Grado/Alessandro prestige series headphones are open, entry to mid-level headphones popular especially for Rock music, but also for genres such as Jazz and Acoustic. They are known for their sparkle and lifelike highs, but are often noted as lacking in bass. Their real beauty is in the modularity of their design and the ease with which they can be tweaked and modded.   Listed below are the... read more

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