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How To Create A Link To A Refererce Inside A Document

What you are reading is how to add an "anchor" to a post or wiki. There appears to be support in the "Link" tool for linking to an anchor but I couldn't find an easy way to insert an anchor into the document. A workaround for now is to insert an anchor using the "source" editor.   The HTML anchor tag requires two fields. The first field is an identifier (id="user_unique_anchor_name") and the second field ("My text label") is a label describing the reference. The format of an identifier must be contain the word "user_" followed by a document unique name (the name... read more

Followers And Following

What is Following? Following is like subscribing to another member; you'll receive notifications of their activity in public areas.   How do I follow another member? To follow a member, visit their profile page and click the "Follow Member" link under their avatar. You will be able to "unfollow" someone in the same place.   What will I be notified about? When following another member, you'll be notified about many of the same things that appear in their activity feed: replying to threads, writing reviews, and other actions they take around the... read more

Bb Code Editor Faq

  • by joeAdministrator

Top Welcome to the BB code editor FAQ.   What is the BB code editor?  Why is it different? Why should I choose the BB code editor?  What does it offer that the Rich format editor doesn't? How do I choose which editor I want to use? Can I create a post in the BB code editor, then edit it in the Rich format editor? Can I create a post in the Rich format editor and then edit it later in the BB code editor? What about my old posts before we had this option.  Can I edit those with the BB code editor? I tried to quote a Rich format post in... read more

Homepage Changes

2010-10-30 1322 EDT:  For years, I have been wanting easy-to-manage featured content functionality for the Head-Fi homepage, where content from both inside and outside Head-Fi--specifically, news, coverage, reviews, relevant to Head-Fi'ers--could be featured.  The first versions of our new featured content modules are in place, and we will continue to optimize these modules over time.      I'm posting this announcement because some of you have grown accustomed to having your personal subscriptions feed at the top of the homepage.  As it's currently configured, the... read more

For Sale And Trade Forums Faq

  • by joeAdministrator

Gear For Sale/ Trade FAQ Welcome to the Gear For Sale/Trade forums FAQ.   What are the Gear For Sale/Trade forums? Are there any posting limits or restrictions for the For Sale/Trade forums? How do I list something For Sale/Trade? I want to inquire about a classified item. How do I do that? I posted my ad, but I need to make changes to it. How do I do that? I posted my ad, and I made a sale/trade. How do I close it? How do I leave someone feedback? Can I leave feedback for an old listing? My classified listing has been up for... read more

Search And Advanced Search Tutorial

Tagging Tutorial

Add A New Item Tutorial

Image And Video Tutorial

Subscription Tutorial

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