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The Terms of Service, Posting Guidelines and other rules.

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Can I change my user name? Can I delete my account?

Can I change my user name? Yes you can. We can rename your profile. Creating a new account is prohibited.    Your new user name can be anything from 3 to 15 characters, including spaces but not punctuation, that is not in use.   PM Currawong or Joe with the user name you'd like and it will be changed immediately. Make sure you have the capitalisation correct when you type it as we will cut-and-paste.   Important: The change will be logged in your activity stream (the list of threads you have posted etc.) at the bottom of your profile. You will also have... read more

Group Buys

November 24, 2014: Since they are now a product reseller and I know we'll get asked about this frequently, discussion and linking to Massdrop's sales is allowed.   In general, group buys and group builds (of DIY products) are not allowed, except for hard-to-obtain DIY parts or special DIY one-offs (such as circuit boards). These still require permission from an admin before they can be approved, however.    Recently a number of people have asked why we don't allow group buys or discussion of groups buys on other sites. While we understand that people wish to buy... read more

Groups Guidelines

The purpose of social groups is to allow members more freedom and control over regular discussion with friends or people who share similar interests. However, while members are free to create groups and manage them as they wish, there are some limitations as to how they can be used, depending on the type.   Quick Guide:   Groups can be created by anyone who can create classifieds, that is members with 15 posts who have been a member more than one month. If you have just made your 15th post the permission wont activate for a couple of hours.   Groups... read more

Beware of the following scams and people abusing the classifieds

Posting Guidelines

  The internet's truest ever cartoon. The following is a set of posting guidelines for Head-Fi. They are derived from the Steve Hoffman Forums and rules I wrote for another forum and essentially cover what is actually enforced by the moderators. Please also see the Head-Fi Terms of Service, which includes the Privacy Policy.   Head-Fi is a place for the peaceful and collaborative discussion of personal and portable audio equipment and music. We hope to create an environment that is family-friendly, receptive and educational, not rude or judgmental like many other... read more

Membership Levels, Badges and Custom Titles

Moderation Faq

Buy Sell Trade Rules

For how to use the classifieds, see this page: http://www.head-fi.org/a/for-sale-and-trade-forums-faq   The "Buy, Sell, Trade" portion of this site is a private forum for members who have been registered for 30 days AND have made at least 15 posts on the forums.  Use of this area is at your own risk. The use of the classified system is a privilege and not a right. Head-Fi reserves the right to close, edit or delete any classified as the moderators and admins see fit. Head-Fi also reserves the right to alter the requirements for posting a classified for any member or... read more

Terms Of Service

  • by judeAdministrator

Rules And Terms of Use   Registration to this forum is free! By registering and continuing usage of the Head-Fi forums, you agree to abide by the rules and policies detailed below, and read, understand and agree to the FAQ and Posting Guidelines.   These Rules and Terms of Use are unabashedly inspired by those so effectively in use at Audio Asylum and a couple of other forums.   The Basics Although the administrators and moderators of Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is... read more

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