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2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Ultra-High-End Headphones (Summit-Fi))

  • by judeAdministrator

Ultra-High-End Headphones (Summit-Fi) Most of my favorite headphones can benefit tremendously from dedicated headphone amplifiers. And the ones I've listed below--if you're not familiar with this class of headphones--will likely spoil you forever. These headphones have a way of challenging you to bring the best out of them, and that can get very expensive, very quickly. It's headphones like these that make Head-Fi's unofficial slogan: "Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Gaming Headphones)

  • by joeAdministrator

Gaming Headsets   While my avid gaming days have long since passed, I still enjoy giving my laptop's video card something to overheat about from time to time. Favoring first-person shooters, imaging is important; but as rusty as I am with games nowadays, it's mostly so that I know precisely from which direction death is raining down on me. (I also use the headsets for telephony and software speech recognition dictation.) A few gaming headsets I've used that I... read more

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