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How to find the Tokyo e-earphone shop

I think I need to make a video guide on how to get to e-earphone. The difficulty is finding the entrance to the building which has their orange sign.     The red writing on the road across the middle says "Chuo Dori". It's the huge main road. The train line on it is a subway.  The small orange box is the building e-earphone is in. The big pink building to the left of it is the very large, black building.  The entrance to the orange building is on the road it is touching. It has a sign outside with the names of the shops inside, including the e-earphone one.... read more

The Best BASS Headphones ( a Head-Fi Wiki)

Under Construction           Group 1  "Cannons"   Cannons are headphones that produce an excessive to enormous amount of impact that can be felt from the cups to the ears  and beyond. They vibrate the skull, they vibrate/tickle the cheeks, upper neck and cause physical sensations. This physical sensation can and does interfere with the accurate delivery of what are widely referred to as good response curves. The "mids" as they are the adjoining range are most affected by the over boosted low frequency. The "V" shaved EQ slope is applied to create an illusion of... read more

Adjusting bias on Stax tube amplifiers

This is is an instruction on how to adjust bias on Stax SRM-006t/SRM-006tII/SRM-006tA/SRM-007t/SRM-007tII amplifiers and more   Some threads http://www.head-fi.org/t/48655/tuberolling-srm-007t http://www.head-fi.org/t/682332/using-nos-tubes-with-stax-tube-headphone-amps http://www.head-fi.org/t/361361/replacement-valves-tubes-for-stax-srm-006tii http://www.head-fi.org/t/415385/tube-change-biasing-a-stax-006t-ii     Quote: Changing Tubes in a STAX Tube Headphone Amplifier Originally posted by Colorado Tom  source click here The following description is... read more

Ibasso DX50 FAQ

The Ibasso DX50 is a $239 baby brother to the $830 DX100. Smaller, less powerful, with less onboard storage (8gb vs. 64gb) and using a Wolfson WM8740 24Bit DAC Chip opposed to the ESS Sabre 9018 desktop-class DAC chip in the DX100. However, with a nice onboard amp and a crystal clear analog lineout, the DX50 is quite a bargain and flying off the shelves. Lots of owners means lots of questions, answers and useful tips. This FAQ is created as an attempt to answer some of the most common questions without having to dig through (at the time of this writing) 338 pages with... read more

Senheiser HD 429 Bass Mod (*repost and redo )

  • by samu

I brought this over ear headphones around 3 months ago. This Senheiser HD 429 bundled at exactly IDR 800.000 or around $80-$82, a mid class headphones that I buy because of curiosity and I’ve been longing for over ear headphones around that budget as well.   I am quite comfort with the sound quality actually, but I need a little bit power in it’s bass. Recently I’ve found article in the forum that it is possible to do a bit modification to the bass. So, I did just now. I got an extra punchy bass, together with that I also notice some more emerging details in the... read more

Hisound Firmware and Directions

Hello guys Jack from Hisound just provided me with the updated Studio V and Rocoo P/BA firmwares as well as directions. I decided to make a faq page as it will give others the ability to add updated firmwares and such regarding Hisound products in a centralized area.   Update: Guys I'm being told now that there are some compatibility issues with larger files types (FLAC and I'm not sure with WAV) as well as the files not showing up in alphabetical order. So just letting you know. I'm also hearing that you can only load this firmware via Windows XP? I'm not sure... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Music)

  • by joeAdministrator

Music In the last guide, we covered the Chesky Records binaural album released earlier last year called Dr. Chesky's Sensational, Fantastic, And Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show! Since then, Chesky Records and HDtracks.com have already released two more binaural albums (both using Chesky's Binaural+ technology). Sessions from the 17th Ward by Amber Rubarth   This album by singer-songwriter Amber Rubarth has grown... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Head-Fi Meets)

  • by joeAdministrator

Head-Fi Meets All Over The World: Great Sound, Great Music, Great Gear, and Friends For Life In my opinion, perhaps the coolest thing about the Head-Fi community is that we like to get together, through micro-meets, mini-meets, regional meets, and even international meets. One of the things about our hobby that encourages this is that headphone audio gear is usually quite easy to take places to share with others.   Through these meets, you will likely get to... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Desktop & Portable Speakers)

  • by joeAdministrator

Desktop & Portable Loudspeakers PSB Imagine Mini   TYPE: Desktop speakers PRICE: $760 URL: www.psbspeakers.com Even Head-Fi'ers occasionally hang up their headphones and want to listen to loudspeakers from time to time. CNET Audiophiliac blogger Steve Guttenberg recently reviewed the PSB Imagine mini loudspeakers on Head-Fi.org. You can read the complete review... read more

2013 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide (Ultra-High-End Headphones (Summit-Fi))

  • by judeAdministrator

Ultra-High-End Headphones (Summit-Fi) Most of my favorite headphones can benefit tremendously from dedicated headphone amplifiers. And the ones I've listed below--if you're not familiar with this class of headphones--will likely spoil you forever. These headphones have a way of challenging you to bring the best out of them, and that can get very expensive, very quickly. It's headphones like these that make Head-Fi's unofficial slogan: "Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about... read more

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