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Woo Audio: FAQ and Product Troubleshoot

All Woo Audio products are tested individually prior to leaving our New York facility.  However, we know that occasionally things may become loose or damaged during shipping.  Our troubleshoot recommendations are to help you find a resolution with minimum down-time.  And to avoid shipping the product back to us and then to find out there is nothing wrong with it.   This happens all too often.  We want to help track down the cause so we hope this WiKi article will help you resolve the issues you are experiencing with your Woo Audio product.  


If you are more comfortable with having our support team walk you through how to troubleshoot, you can email us at info@wooaudio.com to schedule a phone appointment.  We're here to help.


~ Mike Liang
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Head-Fi.org › Articles › Woo Audio Faq And Product Troubleshoot