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Top Tier Universal Iem Comparison Chart And Information

Will enter the info in table format in the near future.




IEM MSRP Street $, US What it does Better Than Others Strengths Weaknesses Sound Sig Ergonomics/fit Notes DAP/amp synergy Chart Reviews Supporters
EarSonics SM3 (Triple BA) $395 $425 Most true to life/accurate/realistic music reproduction; dynamics; instrument separation/ presentation; transparency Speed; detail; very deep bass with ultimate power; great overall space; very resolving; very transparent; liquid presentation   Warm, full sound with great space and accurate reproduction the true space and mic location Great isolation; Over the ear, monitor style. Deep tips gives better bass, shallow tips more treble. Ony tips included are 2 pair of the same size comply Equal to or better than the other IEMs at everything! Sensitive to recording quality, which can bring out the best or worst of a recording Very sensitive; easy to drive; you will notice improvements from better DACs     Zeo, averge_joe, KLS
Ortofon e-Q7 (Moving Armature) $429 $330 Transparency; near perfect overall music presentation Bass and mids are top notch, detail and accuracy Treble sometimes not on par with the rest of the spectrum (less smoothness); slightly grainy Slightly mid forward presentation; perfectly integrated bass and treble; more treble and less bass than the GR8; similar to the CK10 Many report serious fit issues due to size and shape of housing and short nozzle Similar to the GR8 (per ClieOS, the GR8 and e-Q7 do not have the same driver, but same family of drivers)
Improve with an amp, especially in the treble region


  the search never ends, grokit, Pianist
JVC/Victor FX700 (dynamic) N/A $332 Best lower half of the spectrum for a dynamic driver Great clarity and detail across the spectrum; exceptional bass; very good space and soundstage Treble can seem a bit artificial; vocals in the upper mid region not as natural as some others Slightly warm with good treble extension and mids that are inline with the rest of the spectrum; enhanced bass and treble Poor isolation; Longer nozzle than the FX500; Easy to wear both over the ear and cables down   Easy to drive     James444


Comments (16)

Why are there only 3 earphones?
Where can I get the full-sized picture?
Because after trying out these three earphones, you'll be set :) jUST KIDDDING, you'll want more.
Like the review format. HOWEVER: don't agree with many of the conclusions. E.g., I bought the SM3v2 after several rave reviews. V. v. disappointed in them. My go-to IEM and, FTM, my go-to transducer (cans, speakers): Senn IE-8. You can check my Profile page to see my comparison references.
Great summary, thank you!
awesomeness, thanks a lot
I'll let better engineering types be the true technical judge but the
new alclair.com trips and most importantly unbeatable customer service
are the winners for me.
"Ultimate power" is too strong of a term IMO in reference to SM3's bass. TF10 bass crushes the power of SM3 at higher volumes, and doesn't distort at higher volumes or when EQ'd.
I wish the JVC's were over the ear. I need them for stage monitoring.
The JVC HA-FXT90's need to be on this list. Best bang for the buck in portable audio today. 
Fidue A83 should be in there somewhere
The Philips SHE3590 deserves a spot here too, amazing deep bass extension and crazy good sound for $10. Otherwise, great list. But I don't get why the ER4's have ''bass reverb''. I think they sound amazing from top to bottom!
Just discover a new earphone on the Amazon named Pi-Duet BE9X. Is anyone have a chance to test that?
Where is the FiiO EX1?
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