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Group 1  "Cannons"


Cannons are headphones that produce an excessive to enormous amount of impact that can be felt from the cups to the ears  and beyond. They vibrate the skull, they vibrate/tickle the cheeks, upper neck and cause physical sensations. This physical sensation can and does interfere with the accurate delivery of what are widely referred to as good response curves. The "mids" as they are the adjoining range are most affected by the over boosted low frequency. The "V" shaved EQ slope is applied to create an illusion of balance. The mids are almost unrecoverable if the bass is cannon like. Thus it fits in this group. 



  • JVC - HA-SZ2000
  • SONY - MDR-XB1000
  • Fostex -TH-900 *
  • Massdrop TH-X00
  • JVC - HA-SZ1000
  • Taction - KANNON (in production)
  • AudioQuest Nighthawk  ** Pending test** UPDATE 9/19/2015.....FAIL, moved to Group 2



Group 2  "(Hi-Fi) low end boys"


High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound[1] to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction characteristic of recordings made until the late 1940s. Ideally,high fidelity equipment has minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency responseWikipedia


Headphones in this category are typically of high price and high manufacturing quality and tuning. Some manufacturers "target" consumers looking for superior low frequency response. That is a tight less resonating sub frequency response that does not interfere with the transition from low to mid frequencies. They can have great impact but by design and tuning should not impede on the mid frequency spectrum. Prices start at around $500 U.S. and well  beyond.


  • Fostex -TH-900
  • Fostex -TH-600 
  • DENON - D7000,  
  • DENON - D5000
  • DENON - D2000
  • JVC - HP DX1000
  • JVC - HP DX700
  • Final Audio Design - Pandora Hope VI
  • Ultrasone - Signature DJ

  • Ultrasone - Edition 8 "Ruthenium"
  • Sony - MDR-Z7
  • LCD rev.2.1
  • AudioQuest Nighthawk



Group 3  "Bassy Headphones"


Easily the largest group of the 3. Often auto tuned to respond well to low frequency. out of the box  Oft mentioned headphones such as the M-Audio Q40 Ultrasone Hfi 580 and ATH-PRO700MK2 fit in this group. ATH M50 are a well loved often recommended set of cans that are described as "cannons" ..they are not. This will be without a doubt the longest most debated list. 


  • Audio Technica ATH WS770iS 
  • ATH - WS1100
  • JVC - HA-MR77x
  • YAMAHA - Pro 500
  • Pioneer - SE-MX9-K
  • Beats - Mixr
  • Ultrasone Pro 900
  • MTX - iX1
  • V-Moda (M100, Crossfade LP's)                                                        
  • Philips Fidelio - X1
  • Monster N-Pulse
  • Denon - AHD 600                                                         
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
  • Velodyne - vtrue
  • Allen & Heath - Xone XD53
  • Yamaha - hph mt220
  • Beats by Dre (Studio's, Pro's)
  • SMS - ("Street" series)
  • Beyerdynamic - Custom One Pro
  • House of Marley ("TRT" Series)
  • SOUL by Ludacris - SL 300
  • SOL Republic - Master Tracks XC
  • Perfect Sound - Dido - D901
  • Monster - Inspiration
  • SONY - MDR-XB700
  • Denon - AHD 340
  • Beyerdynamic - DT990 Pro
  • ALPINE Headphones (2014 over ear)
  • Sennheiser - Urbanite
  • ATH M50x


Below $200.00 (U.S.)        Source: Amazon

  • KICKER - Cush
  • Denon - AHD 400
  • ATH - PRO 700MK2
  • Ultrasone - HFi 580
  • SONY - MDR-X10
  • Logitech - UE6000
  • M-Audio Q40
  • AKG - 545
  • JVC - HA-MR55x
  • SONY - MDR-XB 800
  • Pioneer - STEEZ
  • Skullcandy - Hesh 2
  • Sennheiser HD380 Pro
  • Superlux - HD681 EVO
  • Maxell - AMP-B 
  • Bludio - R+ Legend
  • JBL - BassLine
  • SONY - MDR-XB 500
  • Skullcandy - Mix Master Mike
  • Bass Effect Audio Revolution X
  • Vibe - BlackDeath
  • DonScorpio - Drama
  • Sennheiser - HD25
  • Technics - RP DH1200
  • Numark - Electrowave
  • American Audio - HP 550 Pro DJ
  • Motörheadphones - Iron Fist
  • Razer - Kraken
  • ATH - WS77,WS99
  • Aerial7 - Tank
  • Ttesports - Signature Dracco
  • SONY - MDR-XB950
  • Rhythmz - Air
  • Photive - X-Bass
  • JBL S700
  • CAD Audio Sessions MH510OR

  • Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style


* List subject to change.

Comments (89)

will this article include the in-ear range of bass headphones?
No it will not. Someone else could start a Wiki if they like. 
Would Sennheiser HD380 Pro fit into group 3? 
Yes it would. Thanks for the lookout. The spectrum is pretty clear on that. I have not heard them but the data says it belongs
I'd say the Superlux 662 could go definitely in the sub-$200 category....they have a great phat bass and they are crazy cheap even with the velour earpads. The cones are some kind of clear plastic if I remember.
Love them to death.
Audio technica ws99 is fantastic and shure 1540.
Both the WS99 and 1540s do have bass north of neutral, not sure if they reach basshead territory. At least the 1540s are borderline basshead and it's quantity surpass that of the WS99s I tried.
For IEM list and basshead related news/rants/etc. you can indeed check this thread.
First post includes lists.
I took into consideration the quality of it also
Yeah this is pretty much about the bass .
@mikaveli06  Thanks for looking out. We want to make a collection that is for bassheads of all price ranges and listening types but it's about the bass in here. I might take a few down that are up and I will add when others like gelocks give it the seal of basshead approval. I have heard a lot...he has heard more and others have too. It will grow. BTW...you a 2pac fan? I met him in Hawaii in 1995. I was not a fan until i met him.Very cool dude. He loved Hawaii or was just loving life the day I met him...he was as "real" as they come. I was fan after that. Before it was Geto Boys and Scarface and U.G.K  They are about to finally do a Biopic movie with John Singleton directing. i'm pretty stoked. Thanks for looking out bruh ;) Keep em' coming when you here those bass cans.
No problem....huge tupac fan for sure... .maybe another category for Audiophile Basshead...just suggestion, both I listed are definately bass boosted but very high quality Bass. Zero Audio Carbo Basso would be another. And I only have couple hours so far on my new Jvc fx850 but they would be contender also...great list
Oh, don't count me as an authority on basshead headphones!! LOL. I do like bass, but definitely my levels are different than some others (including you! ;-)). In fact, all of our levels are pretty much different. For example, I don't think that the Momentums are basshead cans even though they provide bass north of neutral and seem a bit boomy (especially the Momentum on-ears version!) but for someone coming from something like a Shure SRH940, then they could interpret the Momentums as very bass heavy... ;) But I think the list is taking shape! So thanks for starting this Wiki!
"Oh, don't count me as an authority on basshead headphones!! LOL"
then.... you go on and make a pretty accurate statement about momentums. Senns in general...not basshead cans and those are "bassy" but basshead?? not quite. Like I said I'm gonna add and drop and you might not be one..(basshead).. but you know one when you see one and you know what they like. ;)
Recommending HiFiMan HE-300, Sony MDR-V6, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, Klipsch Image One, Sennheiser HD25-1 II.
Thanks the Senn 380 are already up :)
The Hifi man 300 were notvery bassy but I will listen again :)
I just bought the X1s. I had my M100s for a couple months before that. I think the difference is night and day between those two. They are my only 2 audiophile headphones. I know the X1s are considered bassy here on Head-fi, but the M100s are about a million times more bassy. The M100s jiggle my earlobes at moderate volume levels. The X1s have be to turned up to dangerous levels to get just a little ear lob jiggle. huh... you have the DT770s up there too. They are my next planned purchase. 
I wouldn't buy the X1 but I would the M100. I don't need either but your view isn't unique. Those are both in the "Bassy" section...then again... so are the Fanny's ;)
I am glad I have both of them. They are both very different beasts. But now I have no idea what to get next. not sure those dt770 are going to be different enough from either of these. thats for another day. 
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