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Membership Levels, Badges and Custom Titles


Users have a badge and, sometimes, a custom title, set by a moderator.




Regular users:



  - Under the old Head-Fi, they paid a sum to not have to see the advertising for a year, along with other benefits. This tag is now given to made exceptional contributions to the site through reviews and the like.

Headphoneus Supremus 

  - Has made more than 1500 posts.

1000+ Head-Fi'er

500+ Head-Fi'er

100+ Head-Fi'er


Junior Head-Fi'er 


Moderation Staff:





Huddler Staff:

Huddler runs the back-end of the site and manages sponsors.


Platform Partner




Industry Insider - A top-level sponsor.

Others have "Sponsor" and the name of their company as a custom title.


Custom Titles:


Some users, for fun, were given custom titles. However, there are two custom titles which are important:


Sponsor - A Member of the Trade who has fewer restrictions as to where or what they can post as a result of paying for sponsorship.

Member of the Trade - A person who has a financial interest of some kind in an audio-related business and is subject to addition rules in the Terms of Service. MOTs cannot post without being tagged so that people are aware of their affiliation. If you find someone clearly from a company posting, please report one of their posts so we can tag them.

Comments (19)

what do you mean by post? like comment post, review, article?
Theres a 50 + head-fi'er level? Never knew that. BTW, a junior head-fi'er is the level when one has less than 30 posts
Nope, I'm daft, "Head-Fi'er" is 50-100 posts. Fixed that.
Under 50 posts =
Between 50 & 100 posts =
Between 100 posts & 500 posts =
Between 500 posts & 1000 posts=
Between 1000 posts & 1500 posts =
Over 1500 posts =
Administrator =
Contributor = Industry Insider = Moderator =
and then there's a group of people whose post count is above 1,500 but who haven't received a supremus knighting - and they have a long thread about it, too ;-)
I just passed the 500 post mark - can I have my new badge, pretty please?
The system gives you the badge automatically. Might take a day.
"Some users, for fun, were given custom titles."

I wonder how many users are on here altogether?
Why do some people earn the title of "Banned"?
this explains those mystery badges and titles! thanks!
Does anyone happen to know at which level one can begin to change their avatar?
New members can't change anything in their profile until they've made a few posts. This is because we had spambots signing up and putting links in their profiles.
Thanks! Grrr... spam bots r sucky poo. I recently converted a friend into a Head-Fier (and made him a Beyer fan no less). He was asking me why he couldn't change his avatar and I told him he needed a certain number of posts. He asked me how many - and me being the "seasoned" Head-Fier that I am, told him "I have no idea."
I discovered it's only 5-10 posts before you can change your avatar. At least it was for me.
how can we increase private message limit?
I still have a long way to go with the current 4 posts.
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