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Homepage Changes

2010-10-30 1322 EDT:  For years, I have been wanting easy-to-manage featured content functionality for the Head-Fi homepage, where content from both inside and outside Head-Fi--specifically, news, coverage, reviews, relevant to Head-Fi'ers--could be featured.  The first versions of our new featured content modules are in place, and we will continue to optimize these modules over time.

     I'm posting this announcement because some of you have grown accustomed to having your personal subscriptions feed at the top of the homepage.  As it's currently configured, the new featured content modules have pushed your personal subscriptions feed lower on the page.

     To see your personal subscriptions feed alone, look for a link titled Subscriptions, located near the top-right of every page, below your private messages counter/indicator.  Of course, you can also bookmark this Subscriptions page for quick access anytime.

     I hope you continue to monitor the Head-Fi homepage, too, as it will be regularly updated with relevant, featured content, again, from both inside and outside Head-Fi, at least a few times per week (and eventually daily, as we settle into the homepage functionality changes).


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Head-Fi.org › Site Tutorials › Homepage Changes