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Headphone Power Calculator Spreadsheet

Here's a Headphone Power Calculator spreadsheet:

You input your headphones' impedance and sensitivity (in either dB milliwatt or dB volt and it calculates the other sensitivity value). It also calculates the power and current at 1 volt rms. Input a target loudness and it'll give you the power, voltage and current required to get there using your headphones. You can also input an amplifier's Vrms rating and it'll give you the max headphone loudness and the power required to get there.


I hope you find this spreadsheet useful.


Rob Robinette



I just published a free headphone calculator for the Android. It has power calculator and resistor network calculator pages along with help pages. I'm still deep in the development phase so any suggestions for additions or corrections would be appreciated.




In the  Google Play Store search for 'headphone calculator' or Rob Robinette.









Comments (5)

Very handy, This will save plenty of time, I wonder why I didn't do this, thank you.
I added info about the Android Headphone Calculator in the original post.
Cool. Thanks.
Isn't the threshold of pain starts at 120dB? Which can already cause permanent hearing damage. Don't you think that using 120dB as absolute maximum for calculating power level is the safest? I just think 130dB is to too high.
I've seen varying numbers for the 'threshold of pain' but I went with 130dB. It's not a limit of the calculator just given as a point of reference.
Head-Fi.org › DIY and Mods › Headphone Power Calculator Spreadsheet