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Head-Fi Buying Guide (Introduction)

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 Editors & Producers:

       Jude Mansilla

       Joe Cwik

       Brian Murphy

       Warren Chi

       Amos Barnett

       Ethan Opolion


With so many other projects here during spring/summer, we had to skip our typical mid-year Guide update; so it's been a year since the last one! So much has happened in 2016, so much new gear released, so many goings-on.

CanJam expanded again to reach one of Head-Fi's most enthusiastic communities with CanJam Singapore. For 2017, we now have CanJam events scheduled in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Singapore, and Denver. The Head-Fi community continues to grow worldwide, and there's usually at least one locally organized Head-Fi Meet somewhere in the world on any given weekend, so do make sure to check the Meets forum to find out about any events in your area--or to organize one yourself!

As we move into the busiest shopping season, we hope you find our Head-Fi Buying Guide entertaining and useful. Please spend some time browsing the Guide, and make sure to check back regularly, as we are stepping up the frequency of our updates, and we will very soon start adding audio measurements to a number of Guide entries on a regular basis.

As always, thank you all for being such a wonderful, fun, generous community. I look forward to seeing you on the forums, and hopefully having a chance to meet many of you in person at CanJams and Meets all over the world.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Jude Mansilla
Editor, Founder, Head-Fi.org



Of course, this Guide isn't intended to be a complete catalog of all things personal audio. All of the gear shown is gear that is still currently available that we've actually used, listened to, and feel comfortable recommending.



NOTE 2016-11-25 10:10 EST: We are already preparing for the next wave of gear additions/updates to the Guide, to appear next Monday or Tuesday. Again, look for updates every couple/few days thereafter through the holiday season.





Comments (9)

Don't get me wrong, I like reading on the high-end stuff as much as the next guy on this forum, but as a buying guide I think there's too little attention to the cheaper products. It's a bit like the later seasons of top gear where they moved from affordable cars to super cars most of the show. It looks amazing, but it's unlikely I'll ever own one.
Looks great, Jude & team 
Yup .. agree. How many buyers can really afford (a lot of) this stuff?
Some of these products are being (company supported) pushed also. It's obvious. Cowon P1 has been out for years and just now it's being recommended? Final Audio also is another culprit as not highly discussed.
I agree with wolfjeanne and would add one more point: most people don't get into audio equipment by jumping into the high end straight-away. It is often an experience with that first bit of entry-level gear that wakes them up to the realization that music can sound better.
From there we get get addicted and start creeping up the price  scale :-)
Including more entry-level/mid-fi stuff in the buying guide might snag a lot of folks who are scouring the internet for information on audio equipment. They don't know what they want, but they want something. Seeing something more affordable may get them into "the life."
I agree to an extent.  I love hearing about the real crazy gear, but would also like to see more things in the $300-600 range.  There is a ton of audiophile grade gear that's in this price range nowadays, HD 600's at 300 bucks, my HD 700's just purchased for 420.00, etc.  Keep up the great work.
Like wolfjeanne said, too little attention paid to the more affordable end of things.
And much of the time the high-end stuff is not all that great when you consider the price and compare it to the well-made affordable stuff.
There is a reason that many people use the term "audio-phool" to describe the snobs that think you need to spend hundreds on speaker cable that has arrows showing which way the sound is supposed to travel.
I'd request to mention the review dates of the headphones in the review sections so that we can get some reference.
Head-Fi.org › 2016 Holiday Buying Guide › Head Fi Buying Guide Introduction