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Written by Jude Mansilla


In my opinion, perhaps the coolest thing about the Head-Fi community is that we like to get together, through micro-meets, mini-meets, regional meets, and even international meets. One of the things about our hobby that encourages this is that headphone audio gear is usually quite easy to take places to share with others.


Through these meets, you will likely get to hear all the gear you've previously only read about, but wanted so badly to try before buying. You'll get to be in the company of like-minded people of wildly varying backgrounds. And, through these meets, you will almost certainly make friends for life. There are many people I've met through this community over the last 11 years--through these meets--who'll be friends for the long haul. Through this community, I feel like I can go virtually anywhere in the world and know there'll be at least a couple of friends to hang out with there, not to mention couches or beds to crash on, if needed in a pinch.


If you haven't been to a Head-Fi meet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The members of this community independently organize almost all of these meets (and almost always on weekends). So, on virtually any weekend, somewhere in the world (and often in several places in the world), there's probably a Head-Fi meet happening. If there haven't historically been Head-Fi meets near you, consider organizing one yourself. To plan a meet, or to see if there are any meets already planned near you, click here to see the Head-Fi meet planning/organizing forum. To read coverage and impressions from meets that have already occurred, click here.



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