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For Sale And Trade Forums Faq  

Gear For Sale/ Trade FAQ

Welcome to the Gear For Sale/Trade forums FAQ.





What are the Gear For Sale/Trade forums?


The Gear For Sale/Trade forums are where you can list and look for all kinds of Head-Fi related gear, such as headphones, amplifiers, DACs, cables, CD players, and anything else audio-related.


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Are there any posting limits or restrictions for the For Sale/Trade forums?


Yes. Anyone wishing to post a thread in the For Sale/Trade forums must be a member of Head-Fi for over thirty (30) days, and have over fifteen (15) posts. If you have not met these requirements, you will see "You are over your limit for posting this forum. Please check back later."


Please note that after you've made your 15th post (if you already have been a member for 30 days), the system takes one hour to update before you will have access.


WARNING:  Posting nonsense or useless posts to get to your 15 required posts is not allowed. If it is found that you reached the requirement by making such posts, your For Sale/Trade forum privileges may be revoked indefinitely, and you may be banned at least temporarily.


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How do I list something For Sale/Trade?

First, enter the appropriate For Sale/Trade forum. You can find the list of FS/T forums here. Simply click on the forum you would like to place your classified ad into.  Once in the appropriate forum, click the "Create a New Classified" button, which looks like this:



The resulting page looks like this:




On this page, you have to decide which type of classified you want to create.  Do you want to sell an item?  Are you looking to trade for an item?  Or maybe you want to just give something away?  Click the radio button, then proceed to the "Name" field.

The "Name" field allows you to list what the title of the Classified will be. 


A few examples of this are: "FS: ATH-AD700's with Dual Entry Detachable Cables and Dark Blue Grill Color and 1/4" Plug", "Grado HF-1", "RSA Raptor w/ tubes".  Enter the title for your classified into the "Name" field.


The next field you have to enter is the "Description" field.  Be as verbose as you want to be, describing the item you wish to list.  Describe the item as well as you can and list any details or accessories you are including with this item, be it adaptors, original packaging, or even aftermarket accessories, such as cables or cases.


Next, select how/if you want to be notified if others reply to your classified, in the thread.


Once this has been completed, click the "Submit" button.  (Note: You are NOT finished with this classified!  There ARE more steps to complete!)


You should see a page which looks like this:




This is where you can upload pictures of your item if you wish. 

You can use either the Java uploader, by clicking the "Add Photos" button ( which looks like this: add_photos.jpg ), or the HTML uploader to do so.  If you don't want photos, you can skip this step altogether by clicking the "skip this step" button, which looks like this: skip_step.jpg


If you aren't sure if your browser supports Java, you can click the test link (or click here).  This will open a new window in which to see if your Java is up to date.


If you don't want to test or you don't want to use the Java applet, but do want to upload pics, you can use the HTML uploader. by clicking the link below the Java applet area.


If you clicked the "Add Photos" button for the Java applet, you may see this:




It's okay.  Click the "Run" button.  This will allow you to navigate your drive and select the photos you wish to upload. Your screen should look something like this:




In the new area which shows your computer's file structure, simply navigate to the folder where the pictures of the item you wish to sell are, and click the checkbox in the upper right of each image.  When checked, an item should look like this:




Once you have selected all the photos you wish to upload, click the "Upload button in the lower right of the Java applet.

If you chose the HTML uploader, it should look like this:




Simply click the first "Browse" button, and navigate to the first photo you wish to add to your listing.  Add more photos by clicking the subsequent "Browse" buttons to add more photos.  Once you are done adding photos, click the "Submit" button.


Once you selected the photos you wanted (or didn't by clicking the "skip this step" button), you should see a screen which looks like this:




Here, you can list a price for your item, as well as select to add the "or Best Offer" option.  Simply enter your price and check the box for "Best Offer" if you want to add that into your pricing.  You also need to select where you'll ship the item to.  Will you ship anywhere?  Click the "Anywhere" option.  Will you only ship it in North America, for example? Select the "Only these places" option and fill in "North America" on the box provided.  Maybe you only want to do local pickup.  That's fine.  You can do that by selecting the "Nowhere - Local pickup only" option.

Once this is all done, click the "Save Classified Ad" button, which looks like this: save_ad.jpg


That will post your classified ad!


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I want to inquire about a classified item.  How do I do that?

Click the "Send a Private Message" button in the classified ad.  It looks like this: send_pm.jpg


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I posted my ad, but I need to make changes to it.  How do I do that?


First go to your classified.  You will see some options available. It should look like this:




Here, click the "Edit Details" link in the yellow "details" area.


Your classified content will load up, filling in the fields where you entered information during the initial classified creation.

Modify the fields as necessary and advance to the final page to save your listing again, just as you did when creating the classified listing.


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I posted my ad, and I made a sale/trade.  How do I close it?


First go to your classified.  You will see some options available. It should look like this:




Here, click the "Close Listing" link in the yellow "details" area.


On the resulting page, you will see this:




On the right are the controls to close your listing.  Select the option which best fits your reason for closing the classified and click the "Close Your Classified" button.


Your classified is now closed!


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How do I leave someone feedback?


It's a simple, few steps.  Just visit that user's profile and click the "Trader Feedback" link.  You can find it right here:




This will bring up their feedback area where you can see the user's feedback, both feedback received and feedback left.




Click the "Leave Feedback" button.  It looks like this:  leave_feedback_button.jpg


This will bring this page up:




This is where you leave your feedback for the user.  In the "Item" field, enter the URL of the classified ad that you are leaving feedback for.  In the "Roles" area, select who was the Buyer/seller/trader for you and the person you are leaving feedback for, then rate your experience with the user.  Was it positive?  Was it just okay?  Was it a horrid transaction? Select your rating.


In the "Public Feedback comments", list any comments you have about the transaction which you think need to be known about the user and the transaction, for people doing transactions with the user in the future.  Things such as: "Bob was really easy to work with and replied to PMs and emails quickly!", "Jennifer was a bit late in sending the headphones, but was very responsive as to why.  I would buy from her again!", or "The item was not packed well, and suffered some shipping damage.  Mr. Smith was apologetic, and worked it out with me."


You can also leave Private Feedback for the transaction if you wish, which will only be seen by you and the person you performed the transaction with.


Make sure to check the "I have read and understood the Buy Sell Trade Rules" and "I certify that all of the information I have entered here is correct and complete" boxes, and click the "Post Feedback" button.


You've now just left feedback for your transaction!


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Can I leave feedback for an old listing?


Sure!  Just make sure to use the URL for the old listing, and follow the feedback instructions above.


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My classified listing has been up for a while, and other posts are above mine.  How to I get it to the top of the listings again?

You can bump your thread to the top of the listings by using the "Bump Thread" link of your classified.  You can only do this once every 72 hours.

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I visited the list of For Sale/Trade forums, and I saw links to "Archive" forums. What are those?

These are legacy forums which are no longer in use. They have been kept around so that users can finish up transactions which were in progress when the new FS/T forums went live. They also contain the legacy feedback threads which many users have feedback in. Unfortunately, the feedback left in the old feedback threads could not be imported into the new feedback system. 


If you want someone to see your legacy feedback thread, we recommend linking to the feedback thread in your classified, as well as your signature.


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I made a mistake leaving feedback. How do I correct it?

Simple! View the feedback you made an error on, and click the "edit" button and make the necessary corrections. You can also remove feedback by using the "delete" button next to the "edit" button.


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Will Head-Fi be charging to use the For Sale/Trade forums?


There are no plans to charge for the use of the Gear FS/T system.


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