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Diy Ipod Line Out Dock Pinout

The Definitive Answer to the common Question:  "What is the Pin-out for a Line Out Dock for my Ipod Generation X?"  The answer is very suscinctly described - with pictures here.  This apparently works with G3 Iphones and is compatible with prior versions of the Ipod Classic and Nano.  Credit goes to forum user Good Times http://www.head-fi.org/user/good+times .  His post is in the following thread and is reproduced below:


http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/308093/does-anyone-have-the-iphone-lod-pinout/150#post_5479289  post #160





Originally Posted by ruZZ.il View Post
The latest for that is to have (11 and 15)--|66k|--(21). This probably works for the 2g too, and may be more universal. maybe someone else can comment on that.
I've just finished this and tested this on the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, iPod Nano and 3rd Gen iPod. Works flawlessly on all. No messages on iPhone or iPod Touch. I used a single 68kohm resistor just to make it easy. 

I think everyone can now consider this the universal solution, thank you all for your advice/input.

PS joining pin 11 and 15 can simply be done by bending the pin legs. Easier than soldering an extra jumper wire. Also, my question (re echo) a few posts up was answered by the fact that after re-inerting pins 2-4 after soldering, they had come out slightly just before gluing. I recommend not pulling them out, just soldering whilst they're in.

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hi bro, wat is the function of a resistor there for ? reducing noise?
does it affect sound quality since no resistor added ? im wondering how i can add a mic line in through that, im using ipod touch G1
khanhhoa1912: the resistor is for the accessory indicator/serial enable/ it is a 68 Kohms which makes the iPhone 3G send the audio through the line-out without any messages. This way the plug is compatible with many Apple devices.
@musivheaven, so do you have to use a resistor when making an LOD for an iPod Classic?
@Dutch-Guy: No, you can ommit the resistor for the iPod Classic.
@musicheaven: Nice! Would it than also be possible to connect all the other pins to a female ipod connector so I could put it in a dock and connect a cable to it to charge my iPod or transfer files?
I would like to put the Black Gate capacitors here. Can you help me what goes where?
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