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2013 Head-Fi Winter Gift Guide

In This Issue...
Over-Ear Headphones
In-Ear Headphones
Wireless Headphones
Gaming Headphones
Exercise Headphones
Cables & Accessories
Desktop Amps & DACs
Portable Amps, DACs & DAPs
Ultra-High-End Headphones (Summit-Fi)
Desktop & Portable Speakers
Head-Fi Meets
Head-Fi 2013 Winter Gift Guide


To navigate the guide, please click on the links in the table of contents immediately above. (Every page in the Guide will also have the table of contents at the top, for easy navigation.)

Comments (15)

I manage to refrain from making any Black Friday purchases and now you lay this on me?! 
Love the look this year. Can't wait to read it.
Great!! helps a lot
S**t. My wallet is now sobbing quietly in the corner. Why guys WHYYYYY!!!
Noooo, you did it once again (my wallet talking)
Yeahhhh I love ya!! (that´s me)
Outstanding work as usual
Absolutely fantastic
Really excellent! Great work!
Any hope to have it in a downloadable version?
Thanks for the guide!
Great read, informative as ALWAYS! Honored to be part of it again
I too hope for a downloadable version. Beautiful, well done guide guys!
@jude  - WOW - using the McIntosh D100 right now at home,
and I can hear why you bought it!!!!   WOW, seriously...
This combo is INSANE
Just an idea, but maybe you should add an official resellers/retailers list onto this. It gives the newer people an idea of good places to buy gear at.
Head-Fi.org › 2013 Winter Gift Guide › 2013 Head Fi Winter Gift Guide